Definition of summand in English:



  • A quantity to be added to another.

    ‘Perhaps his most famous work was on the number p of partitions of an integer n into summands.’
    • ‘This includes many surprising analogues to results in commutative algebra theory, such as the Serre splitting theorem on the existence of free summands and the theorem of Bass on the cancellation of free summands.’
    • ‘Goldie showed that the number of summands in a maximal direct sum of uniform ideals contained in a right ideal I of R is an invariant of I.’
    • ‘Similarly, if one focuses on k crossings in a diagram there is a corresponding sum of 2 k terms, where the signs are determined by the parity of the number of left-handed crossings in each of the individual summands.’
    • ‘The third part of the work is on summands with a common distribution function and includes discussion of principal limit theorems and convergence to the normal law.’



/ˈsəmand/ /ˈsəmænd/ /səˈmand/ /səˈmænd/


Mid 19th century from Latin summandus ‘to be added’, gerundive of summare.