Definition of summarization in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsəməriˈzāSHən/


(also British summarisation)

See summarize

‘The look of slack-jawed disbelief on someone's face is even more satisfying than reliving the whole brain-bending experience through summarization.’
  • ‘That is a fair summarisation of Sunday evening's second round senior hurling showdown between titleholders Mount Sion and Lismore which should bring a huge crowd to the Leamybrien venue.’
  • ‘However, the generation of derived abstractions or intelligent samples like thumbnails and summarization can be generated automatically or semi-automatically.’
  • ‘The general model for content production includes aggregation of content from multiple sources, categorization and summarization of content, analytical processing and representation of content for multiple purposes.’
  • ‘It provides content categorization, summarization, event identification, and content tagging software to streamline newswire, editorial, archiving, and syndication processes.’