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  • 1A small, typically rustic building in a garden or park, used for sitting in during the summer months.

    ‘At about 5.30 pm, she brought a picnic out for the girls to have in the summerhouse.’
    • ‘The next stage of their project is to acquire funding to build a summerhouse on a platform deck.’
    • ‘A sunny patch along their south-west facing garden wall seemed the obvious spot for a summerhouse.’
    • ‘The grounds, which have great views, also house a granny flat with timber summerhouse.’
    • ‘I am now going to spend the night in the summerhouse in the garden with my two young daughters.’
    • ‘I once saw, in an 18 th-century garden in Portugal, a summerhouse entirely grown from huge old camellia bushes.’
    • ‘Any kind of building, from a birdbox to a full-sized summerhouse, will add character to a garden.’
    • ‘The unauthorised timber chalet was built on farmland at Neaum Hurst Cottages in Skelwith Bridge in 2001, along with a summerhouse and shed.’
    • ‘To make their dream garden complete, the residents of Exford Avenue in Harefield are hoping to get enough funding to buy a summerhouse and decking.’
    • ‘The blaze damaged trees, fencing, a summerhouse and thousands of pounds worth of plants.’
    • ‘We have a scented country garden and pond, water features, gravel gardens, arbours, pergolas, a summerhouse, many rare and unusual perennials, and 120 clematis.’
    • ‘There are also a number of ancillary buildings including offices, workshops, gatehouses, a summerhouse and turbine house.’
    • ‘All in all, the new summerhouse cost under £ 200 to construct.’
    • ‘She was seated in a summerhouse, the green trees creating a leafy bower overhead.’
    • ‘There is also a revolving summerhouse, also typical of the Edwardian age, which catches the sun's rays all day.’
    • ‘It was rather soothing watching the fat flakes of snow settle on the hotel garden with its little rustic summerhouse.’
    • ‘From December 1940 they lived in Castle House, and Dylan wrote in the summerhouse perched on the old castle walls.’
    • ‘Harriet, Elizabeth and Catherine were sitting in the summerhouse.’
    • ‘Liz looked up when she heard Harriet's light footsteps on the gravel walk, approaching the summerhouse.’
    • ‘There is a large lake in the landscaped gardens, with two islands, a dinghy and lakeside summerhouse with its own jetty alongside.’
    gazebo, pavilion, belvedere, arbour, bower, pergola
    1. 1.1usually summer houseA cottage or house used as a second residence, especially during the summer.
      ‘Leaving such a fundamental issue to private capital is like vacating the summerhouse without securing the front door.’
      • ‘Originally a fortified summerhouse belonging to the local caid (district administrator), it was abandoned in 1956, when Morocco won its independence from the French, and fell into ruin.’
      • ‘The Perrse had a summerhouse in New Quay and they called it Mount Vernon after the summerhouse of George Washington.’
      • ‘Summerhouses like this one are full of great memories and special spaces for "putting up" company.’
      • ‘The origin of that tonic was a summerhouse in Southampton, N.Y., where Scanlan hosted friends each weekend in the late 1980s and early ' 90s, when he was ill.’
      • ‘Marianne (Liv Ullman), divorced for many years from Johan (Erland Josephson), comes to visit him at his summerhouse.’
      • ‘When they arrived at Anna's summerhouse, they found Raine and Gris waiting for them.’
      • ‘Eve rents a summerhouse in the village of Norfolk, imagining that it would be an ideal summer retreat set amidst an idyllic surrounding.’
      • ‘Now, after 30 years, Marianne has an inexplicable yen to see her 81-year-old ex and tracks him down at his summerhouse in the mountains.’
      • ‘When Michael invites Tom on holiday with the family in their summerhouse, Tom takes a liking to a young pretty actress, called Avice Crichton (Lucy Punch).’
      • ‘After the birth the family returned to Kildare, but their main residence was their summerhouse, Frescati in Blackrock, County Dublin.’
      • ‘"I was wondering if we couldn't all go to my summerhouse to have some kind of New Year's breakfast."’
      • ‘So whether you are at home, or in your summerhouse on the seaside, you can always watch the programs you want.’
      • ‘Thanks to Coleen, I have not forgotten Nova Scotia, as we spend 2 weeks in August every summer at her family's summerhouse in Grand Narrows, Cape Breton Island.’
      • ‘While their new home is being built, the small order of monks divide their time between Papa Stronsay and a summerhouse on Stronsay.’
      • ‘With their two children grown and gone, Rosie and Bob Clark wanted to create a home within a home at their rambling old summerhouse on New Hampshire's Lake Winnipesaukee.’
      • ‘If she stayed at the summerhouse while he went away, he would be worried constantly, but he could not slight the men by taking Anna only.’



/ˈsəmərˌhous/ /ˈsəmərˌhaʊs/