Definition of sun bonnet in English:

sun bonnet


  • A child's close-fitting peaked cotton hat that protects the head and neck from the sun.

    • ‘James the Fair, brother of John the Foul (as they are referred to by the others) arrives for the 4th of July sporting a sun bonnet the size of a sombrero and so much foppery that Buzz suddenly looks like Bruce Willis.’
    • ‘Make sure that Israel packs the pretty sun bonnet that your cousin Maria gave her for Christmas.’
    • ‘The images below show an assortment typical of the many types of calico sun bonnets which we have.’
    • ‘The men were in their shirt sleeves, while the women wore sun bonnets and many were bare-footed.’
    • ‘This is an every day or sun bonnet which adjusts at neck and folds flat when not in use.’
    • ‘Play outside in the summer sun with this beautiful sun bonnet designed to protect the face and the back of the neck from the sun.’
    • ‘The straw sun bonnets and straw cap bonnets have been going as soon as they get here, so if they show ‘out of stock’ please know we are getting more any day.’
    • ‘She became a professional seamstress with her own alteration store, stitching everything from sun bonnets to wedding gowns to linings for caskets.’
    • ‘He said all the women wore sun bonnets, and got them all decked out with flowers too.’
    • ‘It was a day for sun bonnets at Rose Hill Friday.’
    • ‘This sun hat frames the face very nicely and is reminiscent of the old prairie sun bonnets.’
    • ‘Outside on a flat grassy plain, shepherdesses in long skirts and satin-covered sun bonnets are moving other groups of white goats.’
    • ‘As if skinny jeans weren't bad enough, they want to inflict sun bonnets upon us?’
    • ‘You'll also find new baby sailor hats, baby sailor berets, baby sun bonnets, smocked bonnets for babies, and beautiful christening bonnets and christening hats.’
    • ‘I am looking for 10 ” or 12 ” blocks to appliqué to a sun bonnet.’
    • ‘Traditional sun bonnets - those like Caroline Ingalls wore on the television show Little House on the Prairie - have been made for the Mast Store by a member of the same family for the last 37 years.’
    • ‘The slat bonnet was a popular style of sun bonnet worn throughout the 1800's.’
    • ‘The men attended dressed as farmers, gardeners, mule drivers, and country squires, smoking corncob pipes and wearing bandannas, while the women wore sun bonnets, calico frocks, and gingham aprons.’