Definition of sun disc in English:

sun disc


  • (especially in ancient Egypt) a winged disc representing a sun god.

    • ‘He worshiped Aten, the radiant god of the sun disk.’
    • ‘Well, Akenaton (or Akhenaten, or what have you) is usually given credit for introducing the concept, focusing worship on the sun disk Aton as the source of all life.’
    • ‘And it shows him worshipping the Aton, which is shown in the form of a sun disk.’
    • ‘Aten, as Akhenaten called his god, was the creative force of the universe and as such was symbolised by the sun disc with rays radiating outward.’
    • ‘She was the wife of Osiris and the mother of the sun god Horus and wore upon her head a cow's horns and a sun disc.’
    • ‘The first Bronze Age sun disc of its kind to be unearthed in Wales, this astronomical trinket looks authentic (as opposed to this German bauble).’
    • ‘This space was ornamented with low relief sculpture of winged sun disks and wreaths located on the pedimented impost blocks between the arches.’
    • ‘A riot of sphinxes with human feet, animal-headed human figures, exotic beasts, lotus flowers, and winged sun disks appeared on furnishings and decorative objects.’