Definition of sunbath in English:



  • A period of sunbathing.

    ‘an upstairs deck on which you could take a sunbath’
    • ‘What looked like being a mudbath though turned into a sunbath, as the rain ceased, the wind came up and puddles dried up.’
    • ‘Outdoor queen-size waterbeds and huge red umbrellas provide for a soothing sunbath.’
    • ‘As a city wit put it, if you want a cheaper alternative, you could try taking a sunbath every morning for half-an-hour.’
    • ‘Sifakas' body temperature falls a few degrees at night, another calorie-saving adaptation; when morning comes, they take extended sunbaths high in the trees to bring their temperature back up to normal.’
    • ‘Bernhard and Rollier used Alpine sunbaths to heal wounds and surgical tuberculosis.’
    • ‘They got their sea legs as new parents, the sitz baths, the sunbaths against jaundice; the routine is shaping up.’
    • ‘In 1735, Fiennius described a case in which he cured a cancerous growth on a patient's lip using a sunbath.’
    • ‘I have to say that I am not really into putting my health at risk, apart from the occasional sunbath, cigarette or drink, but remember everything in moderation!’
    • ‘He left Mandolin to her sunbath and went back to the counter to finish preparing an order.’
    • ‘Suddenly I noticed an elderly German lady had terminated her sunbath and had come to join us.’
    • ‘Returning to nature should be a kind of culture, regardless of whether it is sand-bath, sunbath or forest-bath.’