Definition of Sunday-go-to-meeting in English:


Pronunciation /ˌsəndēɡōtəˈmēdiNG/ /ˌsəndiɡoʊtəˈmidɪŋ/


  • (of a hat, clothes, etc.) suitable for going to church in.

    • ‘There's always one more cold front designed to nail folks in frilly, thin, cotton Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes and it struck right on schedule yesterday sending us back down into the fifties by day and the forties by night.’
    • ‘He was attired in his dark Sunday-go-to-meeting suit, rather than his usual salt-and-pepper tweed.’
    • ‘Charlie was one year older and seven inches taller than Graham, although Graham swore he was six feet tall when he had his Sunday-go-to-meeting shoes on.’
    • ‘I try not to dress up, not to wear my Sunday-go-to-meeting stuff when I'm travelling.’
    • ‘In 1900 working families had few changes of clothes, just their work clothes and a Sunday-go-to-meeting set of clothes (our home was built as a family's home, not a mansion).’



/ˌsəndēɡōtəˈmēdiNG/ /ˌsəndiɡoʊtəˈmidɪŋ/