Definition of Sunday best in English:

Sunday best


one's Sunday best
  • A person's best clothes, worn to church or on special occasions.

    ‘the children wore their Sunday best’
    • ‘Everyone is dressed in their Sunday best, business attire (for men as for women) being the preferred costume.’
    • ‘Instead of the white satin gown and lace veil Elizabeth had worn, Inger simply dressed in her Sunday best.’
    • ‘In 1911 striking women workers from Bermondsey jam and pickle factories, dressed in their Sunday best of feather boas, went round and picketed out other workers.’
    • ‘The younger girl wore a long dress with a train, while the boy wore his Sunday best.’
    • ‘The skeletons of 250 people - many struck down by the Black Death and sent to their eternal rest wearing their Sunday best - were dug up during the excavations at the medieval Augustinian Friary in Lowgate.’
    • ‘The experience was akin to dressing up in your Sunday best only to find your favorite church with defaced frescoes, overturned pews, and the central air turned down to 60 degrees.’
    • ‘Whether a family dressed in its Sunday best or a couple of professorial types talking quietly in Spanish over big bowls of pristine chicken soup, patrons tend to rise to the atmosphere.’
    • ‘Ben smiled at the two rows of children from the local orphanage lined up in the front pews, their faces scrubbed until they shone like bright pennies and dressed in their Sunday best.’
    • ‘While other churchgoers were dressed in their Sunday best, the singing siblings - whose father, Joe, used to be a pastor - showed up in swimsuits and tiny shorts.’
    • ‘It is a motif inspired by wealthy, affluent African women wearing their Sunday best, and trying their hardest to out-do each other in style.’
    • ‘There were children everywhere, dressed in their Sunday best, too.’
    • ‘Many were dressed in their Sunday best and carried signs that read ‘Thank You Rosa Parks.’’
    • ‘In Season One of Kojak we are introduced to this tough-as-nails NYC cop who always wears his Sunday best.’
    • ‘It was held on a church holiday and after Mass fathers with their sons or daughters paraded the street dressed in their Sunday best in search of a husband or wife.’
    • ‘But when we do have to mosey on into town to stock up for the long, hard winter, we dress up in our Sunday best, slick down the hair and jump in the jalopy like the Clampetts.’
    • ‘I am sure most of the women their will be wearing their Sunday best.’
    • ‘I was reminded of the marchers in Selma, wearing their Sunday best, dignified in the face of brutality.’
    • ‘Although mostly a male-only preserve, families with children also attend, wearing their Sunday best.’
    • ‘The little boy was dressed in his Sunday best, and had a bright red lunch box clenched between his little fingers.’
    • ‘William Rackham walks aloof, unimpeachably proper, dressed in his stiff Sunday best despite it being Wednesday.’
    regalia, best clothes, elaborate clothes, garb, best, Sunday best


Sunday best

/ˈˌsənˌdā ˈbest/ /ˈˌsənˌdeɪ ˈbɛst/ /ˈsəndē ˈbest/ /ˈsəndi ˈbɛst/