Definition of sunglasses in English:


plural noun

  • Glasses tinted to protect the eyes from sunlight or glare.

    • ‘Please put on your sunglasses to avoid the glare.’
    • ‘Glasses or sunglasses are necessary while you are learning to cast the fishing line.’
    • ‘In close-up, a woman (the artist) appears, costumed in headscarf, lipstick and sunglasses.’
    • ‘Her foppish companion, along for the ride, seems both amused and distant in sunglasses, scarf and blazer, chin resting on his hand.’
    • ‘He's wearing white chinos, a blue short-sleeved shirt and sunglasses.’
    • ‘They wear sunglasses and white clothes; they hold glasses of wine.’
    • ‘We are wearing sunglasses, and sneakers or sunglasses and high heels, or even, sunglasses and flip flops.’
    • ‘I became a virtual hermit, only venturing outside to go the supermarket, and even then I'd wear a hat and sunglasses.’
    • ‘Wear clothes made of cotton or natural fibres, protect the face and neck with a wide-brimmed hat and wear sunglasses.’
    • ‘Sylvia went into a mod boutique and nicked two pairs of huge white plastic sunglasses with blue lenses.’
    • ‘He comes across as a burly, brusque man with a penchant for cowboy hats and sunglasses.’
    • ‘Style saturates this show, which seems to revolve around sunglasses, gore, and heavy rap music.’
    • ‘He shows me a picture of a man sporting only a luxuriant moustache, wraparound sunglasses and a pair of underpants.’
    • ‘Prizes also include sunglasses, clothes and electronic gear.’
    • ‘The book I ended up getting had on the cover a close-up photograph of a girl wearing big sunglasses and a scarf around her neck.’
    • ‘Yet he made each as distinctively his own as his trademark sunglasses and razor-sharp suits.’
    • ‘Even at 9.15 am the sun was hot enough to make Islington's Upper Street seem eerily Mediterranean - all pavement cafes, lattes and sunglasses.’
    • ‘Should everyone have to wear reflective sunglasses?’
    • ‘He occasionally forgets a name, he loses his train of thought when there are distractions, and he has walked away from six pairs of expensive sunglasses.’
    • ‘I wasn't hurt, but he shattered a brand new pair of $700 prescription sunglasses I had just purchased.’
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