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  • 1attributive Having sunk or been submerged in water.

    ‘the wreck of a sunken ship’
    • ‘Filmed from above and below the water's surface, the behemoth station sits immersed like a sunken ship, shrouded in water and silence.’
    • ‘Only limited acknowledgment is made of the most sensational of recent discoveries, the architectural and sculptural remains of an extensive quarter of the royal palace, now sunken in the waters of the harbor.’
    • ‘We just liked it ‘cause it sounded more like the name of a sunken ship you'd dredge up after 300 years at the bottom of the sea.’
    • ‘Well those vessels are US-owned, and most of the sunken World War II ships are foreign flag vessels, primarily Japanese and quite a few American vessels as well.’
    • ‘View sunken ships, underwater castles, and other detailed underwater experiences, all from the perspective of being safely behind the glass of an underwater diving vessel.’
    • ‘On the Danube, water levels exposed previously unseen World War II-era bombs in Budapest, tanks in Croatia, and sunken German ships.’
    • ‘There is something quite magical in this unprecedented event, when you see the sunken ship for the first time, still with an air of grandeur.’
    • ‘War has many legacies, and today we look at an environmental one that's now raising its head in the pristine waters of the Pacific: sunken battleships.’
    • ‘Resurrecting a forgotten work is a bit like recovering a gold cigarette case from a sunken ocean liner: Wipe away the barnacles and who knows?’
    • ‘He used to dive for coral and sunken treasures pinned under shipwrecks.’
    • ‘That is why their backs bear only a low, subtle ridge: ‘You would be constantly bumping your dorsal fin on sunken branches,’ she explained.’
    • ‘And now you've forgotten all about that and gone back to writing distinctly average songs about Oscar Wilde and sunken boats, and - if I may - I think you're making a most dreadful mistake.’
  • 2attributive At a lower level than the surrounding area.

    ‘a sunken garden’
    • ‘The treatment rooms have an organic feel and simplicity of styling: drystone walling features in the health suite, mosaic tiling covers the flooring in the communal area and surrounds a sunken jacuzzi overlooking the mountains.’
    • ‘While the auditorium's revolving stage remained, the portal arch was transformed into arched bridges to sunken, unroofed parking areas.’
    • ‘Throughout the scheme, tiers of steps leading into the sunken areas provide informal seating and car parking is screened by hedges of dark cypresses.’
    • ‘The bathroom is decorated with pale blue tiled walls and features a white ceramic suite consisting of a sunken bath with tiled surround, pedestal wash basin and toilet.’
    • ‘Also at this level is the fourth and final bedroom, a large double at the front of the house with access via patio doors to a decked area in a sunken portion of the front garden.’
    • ‘Today, a sunken area in the middle of the town square reveals a section of the old Roman road linked Spain and Italy, the Via Domito.’
    • ‘A patio area is bordered by a number of plant beds and steps lead from this area to a slightly sunken lawn which also features a barna shed.’
    • ‘In addition to the raised terrace, there is also a sunken paved area ideal for outdoor dining.’
    • ‘In the middle of the town square lies a sunken area which reveals a section of the old road.’
    • ‘In the sunken seating and lounge area at the back of the bar, stained oak floorboards, recessed spotlighters and black walls create a moody, atmospheric ambience by night.’
    • ‘There is vehicular side access to the rear garden which is laid mainly in lawn and includes a wraparound veranda with teak decking, a sunken patio area and a pond with water feature.’
    • ‘There is a summer mews in need of some tender loving care, and a large cement sunken area which could accommodate a fantastic water feature or even a swimming pool.’
    • ‘On a more populist level, sunken living rooms are reinvading suburbia as Americans ditch large open spaces for rooms with more intimacy.’
    • ‘Just beyond them is the sports bar, a sunken two-story recreation and dining area that generates a genuinely amiable social atmosphere.’
    • ‘There are sunken ceiling lights throughout this area.’
    • ‘It includes a power shower unit, sunken double Jacuzzi jet bath, a marble topped sink unit and, above this, a television with a large mirror surround.’
    • ‘Set in secluded landscaped gardens and surrounded by a golf course and a saltwater lagoon, this spa contains 108 villas, which come equipped with their own private garden, king-size bed and sunken open-air bath.’
    • ‘As the lands falls away from the street, the verandah forms a raised entrance terrace behind the cottage, overlooking a sunken court neatly and intimately defined by the new timber and metal three-storey extension.’
    • ‘Before its present incarnation as housing, the site was used for rice production, its landscape characterized by a network of sunken fields, raised terraces and dykes to contain the flooded rice paddies.’
    • ‘Its cooling pool and fountain overlook the sunken Knot Garden, named for the intricate pattern into which chains of dwarf evergreen Japanese holly, juniper, and arborvitae have been woven.’
    below ground level, at a lower level, lowered, recessed
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    1. 2.1(of a person's eyes or cheeks) deeply recessed, especially as a result of illness, hunger, or stress.
      ‘her face was white, with sunken cheeks’
      • ‘Its sunken eyes and protruding jaw give its face the look of a terrifying human skull that contrasts with its soulful baby-blue eyes.’
      • ‘Seeing her tired face and sunken eyes, he is touched.’
      • ‘Some of the more traditional beliefs were that you could tell a werewolf that was in human form due to their sunken eyes and their eyebrows that met in the middle.’
      • ‘The monkey faces themselves have sunken eye sockets that are almost skull-like.’
      • ‘His teeth were so broken and jagged that they resembled fangs and his sunken eyes glowed hot in his skeletal face.’
      • ‘His cheeks were sunken, he lived strictly on his rations, he earned nothing.’
      • ‘The sunken cheeks were covered with a thin scattering of fuzz; the hair was lank and matted.’
      • ‘The pair's sunken stomachs signal bodies ravaged by disease.’
      • ‘The camera offers generous views of the normally handsome actor's terrifyingly bony, wasted back and chest, his sallow, sunken face and the insect-like profile of his body.’
      • ‘Blue-powdered eyelids and rosy cheeks become smudged black caves and sunken hollows.’
      • ‘He's skinny and angular, with a hollow face, jaundiced skin, sunken black eyes and a flaxen mop.’
      • ‘Hair white and fuzzy, sticking out at both sides; eyes sunken and haunted; hands gnarled.’
      • ‘The sight of his old captain in rags, his eyes sunken, face unshaven and dirty and hair infested with lice, amused him.’
      • ‘Between his pale, pasty flesh, sunken sullen eyes, and limited acting ability, he gives new meaning to the word doughy.’
      • ‘He stood with his hands in the pockets of his long dark coat, his green eyes sparkling but sunken on his face.’
      • ‘What made it special was that it had the shape of a human skull, on one side of which were small cavities that looked like a pair of sunken eye-sockets above a simple mouth.’
      • ‘His face alone is a portrait of sickly, soured ambition, with sunken, shadowed features and huge, tormented eyes.’
      • ‘She has to have one of the most distinctive and expressive faces in the business - large, sunken, sad eyes in a thin face surrounded by a mass of unruly long hair shooting out in all directions.’
      hollowed, hollow, depressed, deep-set, concave, dented, indented, caved in, drawn, haggard
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/ˈsəNGkən/ /ˈsəŋkən/


Late Middle English past participle of sink.