Definition of sunnies in English:


plural noun

informalAustralian, New Zealand
  • Sunglasses.

    • ‘Lounging in his cafe seat, sipping cappuccino, he boasted the trademarks of a star - dark sunnies, black attire, air of confidence.’
    • ‘I pushed up the sleeves of my long-sleeved no-particular-brand top, took off my sunnies and put them atop my cap, and then casually approached the figure leaning against this particular grandstand.’
    • ‘Besides, you'd be surprised how often sunnies do that to a bloke.’
    • ‘Well Scott, at least I don't have the same pair of sunnies permanently attached to my head.’
    • ‘Conveniently, we passed a bin and Floyd tossed the unfashionable pair of sunnies into the plastic container.’
    • ‘And as they did, he quickly put on his sunnies, tucked his head down and headed straight out the door.’
    • ‘Dressed in a simple army green bikini, Caelyn glanced over her sunnies at her friend.’
    • ‘With a mischievous smile on her face, she slipped off her sunnies and rested them on top of her hair.’
    • ‘The guy with blonde streaks through black hair and wearing silver sunglasses grinned sheepishly, pushing his sunnies up onto his hair.’
    • ‘I'll trade in my sandals, shorts and sunnies for a hip flask of brandy and a gnarly old jacket which can't quite keep the wind out.’
    • ‘A good pair of sunnies will also protect my eyes, eyelids and the skin around my eyes.’
    • ‘Her sunnies were plain, but without any frames.’
    • ‘Then, with sunnies perched on my head and a towel tucked under my arm, I walked to the front door, slipped my thongs on and hightailed it out of there.’
    • ‘On goes my beloved green thongs, and a pair of sunnies and I'm done.’
    • ‘She placed her sunnies on her head and followed Riley to the kitchen.’
    • ‘Just look at the difference yourself, with and without the sunnies.’
    sunglasses, dark glasses