Definition of sunny side up in English:

sunny side up

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North American
  • (of an egg) fried on one side only.

    ‘Two fried eggs, sunny side up with the yolk not too runny.’
    • ‘As I sat there I began thinking about the first time I went to an American diner and froze when asked what way did I want my eggs served, sunny side up, over easy, etc.’
    • ‘You like your eggs sunny side up, right Dylan?’
    • ‘‘I'll have your two eggs meal with bacon and I'd like my eggs sunny side up,’ Joy answered, looking up at the waitress so that she could understand her words clearly.’
    • ‘When I was eleven, Gerald's shirtsleeve caught on fire while he was frying eggs sunny side up.’
    • ‘At the sight of the eggs fried sunny side up, she felt bile rise within her.’
    • ‘On a more mindless note, I wondered if one could actually fry eggs, sunny side up, on the sidewalk.’
    • ‘My platter arrived with three eggs, sunny side up the way I had ordered them, toast, homefries and a sizeable bowl of baked beans.’
    • ‘Paco gets a plate piled high with scrambled eggs and I get two sunny side up.’
    • ‘I'm making them sunny side up, just like you like them…’