Definition of super-duper in English:



informal, humorous
  • Very good; marvellous.

    ‘a super-duper, plush touring bus’
    • ‘I've eaten Indian in Tooting before - a super-duper veggie place - and would very much like to do so again.’
    • ‘The bassist helps define each song with super-duper basslines and the guitar interplay is quite good.’
    • ‘The real leader is the drummer who makes a super-duper testament to rock, full of passion and rapier wit.’
    • ‘Obviously, if there's a choice between a super-duper Special Deluxe Collector's Edition at $19.95 and a plain-vanilla version at $19.95, it's a no-brainer.’
    • ‘Suppose, however, that a dentist and I want to get together and write an application that implements his top-secret super-duper billing technique.’
    • ‘If your electric heat comes from coal, buttoning up your house from standard insulation to super-duper can prevent the burning of 23 tons a year.’
    • ‘They shot the picture in some kind of super-duper 16, newly available from Kodak, and it reminds me once again of the glory of film.’
    excellent, marvellous, superb, very good, first-rate, first-class, wonderful, outstanding, exceptional, magnificent, splendid, superlative, matchless, peerless