Definition of superacid in English:



  • A solution of a strong acid in a very acidic (usually non-aqueous) solvent, functioning as a powerful protonating agent.

    • ‘Typical solid Brönsted superacids include titanium dioxide: sulfuric acid and zirconium dioxide: sulfuric acid mixtures.’
    • ‘What makes superacids difficult is that chemistry's going on, the making and breaking of bonds.’
    • ‘Urea and substituted ureas exhibit a weak basicity and may bind a superacid in the form of a quarternary ammonium salt.’
    • ‘Solid superacid catalysts have many advantages such as an easy separation of products from catalyst, the repeated use and regeneration of catalysts, as compared with liquid superacids.’
    • ‘Others were Bronsted superacids such as HSO3F or the extremely strong superacids obtained by combining e.g. HSO3F or HF with SbF5.’