Definition of superacidity in English:




See superacid

  • ‘These versatile liquids exhibit Brønsted and Lewis acidity and superacidity; they include liquids ranging from hydrophobic to hydrophilic, and from water-sensitive to air stable.’
  • ‘Hammett's first great contribution to chemistry was the concept of superacidity and his acidity function.’
  • ‘As the range of superacidity covers over 11 logarithmic units of the Hammett acidity scale, the mechanistic behavior of small alkanes vary accordingly.’
  • ‘A similar approach has been successfully used to elucidate the Brønsted acid sites of sulfated zirconias, which have been linked to the superacidity and catalytic activity of the material.’
  • ‘These beads, when reacted under the above disclosed conditions of fluoroalkylsulfonation or fluoro, perfluoroalkylsulfonation, produce surface modified beads of high Bronsted superacidity.’