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  • A device that increases the pressure of the fuel-air mixture in an internal combustion engine, used in order to achieve greater efficiency.

    ‘And with the amazing superchargers and fuel pumps we are getting this season, changes in the bellhousing to handle the additional power are inevitable.’
    • ‘It's also important, but not critical, to note that screw and centrifugal superchargers compress the air within their housings whereas Roots blowers force air through the blower and the compressing is done in the manifold.’
    • ‘The engine-component and cylinder-head moratorium includes, but is not limited to, engine blocks, cylinder heads, intake manifolds, fuel injectors, and superchargers.’
    • ‘The two centrifugal cabin superchargers driven by the outboard engines delivered sufficient quantities of air to the cabin to maintain proper ventilation and pressure.’
    • ‘For a real thrill, a punch to the accelerator produces a whine like an electric drill from the Eaton supercharger, and a sudden sense of the skull becoming glued to the headrest.’
    • ‘However, whereas the supercharger is mechanically driven by belt from the engine, the turbocharger is driven by the pressure of the exhaust gases.’
    • ‘As before, a pair of Rotrex centrifugal superchargers provide 1.2 bar of boost with a maximum of 1.35 bar on over-boost.’
    • ‘Turbochargers and superchargers pressurize the incoming air to effectively cram more air into a cylinder.’
    • ‘Bolts around exhaust manifolds or superchargers get hot and tend to rust.’
    • ‘Really use the gear box and push the engine up to its 6800 rev limit (the supercharger spinning at 14,000) and it is transformed into a very responsive sports car.’
    • ‘Two factors account for this: an excellent 5 speed automatic transmission, which ensures that the engine is always giving of its best, and the supercharger.’
    • ‘We're also trying to improve some existing products - like superchargers and cylinder heads - that might eventually give us an edge.’
    • ‘On those rare occasions when I'm in a social situation with people who know even less about cars than I do, I enjoy impressing those who will listen with my expertise on superchargers, torque converters, and fuel delivery systems.’
    • ‘That's caused a lot of interest in superchargers from nearly every manufacturer.’
    • ‘Nitrous oxide, superchargers, and turbochargers are also accepted, though various weight breaks are in place for each combination.’
    • ‘The superchargers are still in place, but will only be used on a low setting, giving the plane a comfortable cruising speed of about 200 knots.’
    • ‘They must have four-barrel carburetors, with no superchargers.’
    • ‘The superchargers were yanked making the ship suitable for low level flying only.’
    • ‘As a supercharger is always revolving at high speed, responses are instant, unlike cars fitted with a turbocharger, where there is frequently a period of delay, the well known ‘turbo lag’.’
    • ‘It is easily recognisable by the air intake on the bonnet which channels cool air over the supercharger, the roof spoiler and the centrally mounted twin chrome exhaust pipes.’



/ˈso͞opərˌCHärjər/ /ˈsupərˌtʃɑrdʒər/