Definition of supercollider in English:



  • A collider in which superconducting magnets are used to accelerate particles to energies of millions of megavolts.

    • ‘It is used mainly in cars, planes, bridges, computer chips, artificial body parts and in supercolliders, like the particle accelerator in Geneva, Switzerland.’
    • ‘A supercollider is in fact being built: the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.’
    • ‘He pauses, then adds, ‘The good thing is that in finance we don't have to build [particle] supercolliders.’’
    • ‘Regrettably, the American superconducting supercollider project was cancelled, but a European accelerator called the large hadron collider will begin operating at a lab in Geneva, Switzerland (called CERN) around 2005.’
    • ‘In particle physics, the loss of the supercollider project has relegated America to a back seat in the quest to understand the structure of matter.’