Definition of superdelegate in English:



  • (in the Democratic Party) an unelected delegate who is free to support any candidate for the presidential nomination at the party's national convention.

    • ‘She also arranged a private meeting later in the day with uncommitted superdelegates.’
    • ‘The former president says he also sees an effort afoot to strong-arm undecided superdelegates to make their choice fast.’
    • ‘This morning, Barack Obama picked up two additional superdelegates.’
    • ‘He is now within two superdelegates of Clinton now.’
    • ‘What may be more damaging for Mr Obama are the gnawing doubts in the minds of the Democratic super-delegates.’
    • ‘No question two-thirds 66 percent of the Vermont Democrats said the superdelegates should vote the will of the people.’
    • ‘Pelosi, along with every other member of Congress, is indeed a superdelegate in an unprecedented primary race.’
    • ‘They still believe that they have a very strong case to make to the superdelegates.’
    • ‘The biggest well of superdelegates is in Congress.’
    • ‘The swing of the superdelegates continues right now.’
    • ‘Almost 200 superdelegates also remain up for grabs.’
    • ‘Eight hundred superdelegates will attend the Democratic convention.’
    • ‘Instead she hopes to surpass Obama in the popular vote, and then persuade the superdelegates to side with her at the convention.’
    • ‘In word and picture, Clinton has been relentless as she goes after Obama while courting the superdelegates who could decide the nominee.’
    • ‘Party and elected officials - the so-called super-delegates - are free to shift allegiance, and could form an instant core of Clinton support.’
    • ‘If I were a super delegate, I would want to take some account of what feeling is in those two crucial states.’
    • ‘The superdelegates are watching the voters.’
    • ‘If superdelegates decide this nomination, it's going to look like big-shot politicians and fat-cats decided who should be president.’
    • ‘Now he's a Democratic superdelegate, just back from an important mission to South America as well.’
    • ‘There will be nearly 800 superdelegates - party and elected officials - at the national convention in Denver.’