Definition of superfluidity in English:



mass nounPhysics
  • The property of flowing without friction or viscosity, as shown by liquid helium below about 2.18 kelvins.

    • ‘In addition to being fascinating in their own right, experiments on quantum gases are relevant to many different areas of physics - from atomic clocks and quantum computing to superfluidity and quantum phase transitions.’
    • ‘The researchers were able to exploit the link between second sound and superfluidity to prove that superfluid helium - 3 and superfluid helium - 4 were present in their experiment at the same time.’
    • ‘As far as we know, superfluidity is a unique consequence of Bose - Einstein condensation, although condensation does not necessarily produce a superfluid.’
    • ‘Known as superfluidity, the phenomenon allows the liquid to flow endlessly around a loop-shaped pipe without slowing down.’
    • ‘Used in the explanation of superfluidity, this phenomenon enables a significant fraction of the particles to occupy a single quantum state.’