Definition of supergrass in English:



  • A police informer who implicates a large number of people.

    ‘both turned supergrass and were the main prosecution witnesses’
    • ‘Facing 25 years in jail, he transformed into a supergrass and implicated his accomplices in order to land himself a lighter sentence.’
    • ‘The court distinguished him from a supergrass or informer by describing him as ‘a contracted and paid agent of the FBI’ and as ‘a witness under protection.’’
    • ‘A drugs baron who turned supergrass to implicate his mother, wife, brother, lover and others was jailed for six years yesterday for smuggling £132m of cocaine and cannabis into Britain.’
    • ‘The programme which was intended to allow accomplices in serious crimes to turn supergrasses and give evidence in order to secure convictions was first introduced in 1997 in the wake of the Guerin murder.’
    • ‘Lawyers for those accused of involvement in the plot say this was because the supergrass was not only involved but was an instigator of the conspiracy.’
    • ‘Evidence against him was given by a supergrass, who admitted his involvement and is currently serving seven years in jail.’
    • ‘A supergrass who blew the lid off a multi-million-pound drugs ring has been jailed for two years.’
    • ‘It ignored the statements made by the supergrasses before they signed immunity deals under the Garda Witness Protection Programme.’
    • ‘The two key supergrasses on the scheme were described by the judges as ‘inveterate liars’ who received money from Gardai that ‘almost certainly came from the proceeds of crime’.’
    • ‘This officer, in a report in the early 1990s, said the supergrass was an extremely street smart criminal who ‘will do anything if he sees a financial gain.’’
    • ‘The judges also said they were ‘concerned’ that a named detective had ‘kept no record whatsoever of several meetings which he had, in the course of his investigations’ with the two supergrasses.’
    • ‘He talks off the record for nearly an hour about what the supergrasses possibly did on the day of the slaying.’
    • ‘The supergrass, who obtained an immunity deal for his part in the Guerin murder, claimed that an associate collected drugs for him from one of Holland's associates, whose identity was a mystery to him.’
    • ‘He was to become a supergrass under the state's Witness Protection Programme.’
    • ‘The quashing of that verdict led to the collapse of the supergrass system, a serious own goal for British governance in the North at the time.’
    • ‘This is because, big surprise, research suggested more people would turn supergrass if they got more money to do it.’
    • ‘Her stories were harmless, yet she was treated then as roughly as any supergrass in Wormwood Scrubs.’