Definition of supergroup in English:



  • An exceptionally successful rock group or one formed by musicians already famous from playing in other groups.

    • ‘Instead, it's just another reminder that as rock supergroups go, the whole often measures up to a little bit less than the sum of its parts.’
    • ‘We don't to be some kind of rock supergroup for the sake of being a supergroup.’
    • ‘The problem with this record, besides barely ticking the odometer over 40 minutes despite featuring a 15-minute jam track at the end, is that it comes from a supergroup, and for a supergroup it's kinda lacking.’
    • ‘Great law firms or design companies don't spring up overnight, like rock supergroups that decide to get together one weekend.’
    • ‘Think of some of the world's most famous supergroups and you can't help but wince.’
    • ‘All too often in the case of supergroups, the resulting whole is less than the sum of its parts.’
    • ‘Unlike its German counterparts' stereotypical efficiency and precise work methods, however, the Finnish supergroup is more loose, prolific, and soulful.’
    • ‘Yes, the alt.rock supergroup were able to sell out the Toronto stop on their current tour supporting their upcoming sophomore disc.’
    • ‘Mostly though, this's exploratory, passionate jazz that's made with love and skill by four singular talents; a supergroup in the truest sense of the word.’
    • ‘On the surface, they seem like one of those typical, progressive rock supergroup offshoots where each band member gets to show off their instrumental prowess.’
    • ‘The thing about side-project supergroups is that they're rarely as good as the member's real bands - definitely not the case here.’
    • ‘Thankfully, for rock music, Bruce stayed at home and in 1966 formed Cream, the first of the real supergroups.’
    • ‘While we enjoy the insights and backstage stories that those around the supergroup can provide, it would have been nice to have more input from the members themselves.’
    • ‘In blurbs of press in newspapers and magazines, you'll inevitably find the words ‘Canadian indie-pop supergroup,’ usually in the header.’
    • ‘Considering the strengths of the individual projects of this supergroup's members this is a lacklustre collaborative effort.’
    • ‘These five artists could form a reasonably average supergroup.’