Definition of supernaturalist in English:



See supernatural

  • ‘I'm beginning to think - supernaturalist that I am - that whoever is behind this is not human and to suspect that the only way out of this impasse is prayer, fasting and major major spiritual warfare.’
  • ‘There are some supernaturalists and some naturalists who are determinists and who do not hold anyone accountable for anything, except God or nature.’
  • ‘The pagan supernaturalist did so by raising the merely material to the level of spirit or the divine. The materialist does so by lowering what is truly spiritual or in the divine image to the level of matter.’
  • ‘However, even Aristotle did not understand the term ‘metaphysics’ in such a supernaturalist sense, but rather as a more general approach (than physics) to understanding whatever is, including the physical world.’