Definition of supernaturally in English:



See supernatural

as submodifier ‘the monster was supernaturally strong’
  • ‘Most masquerades are activated and protected by supernaturally charged ‘medicines,’ substances made from sacred materials that are placed on the masks or the bodies of the maskers.’
  • ‘But when the band lose their songwriting puff, the effect is almost supernaturally irritating.’
  • ‘The mourning poetic prophet who is both supernaturally empowered and uniquely suffering is a very powerful ideological figure with whom to ally oneself, as the Miltonic narrator does here.’
  • ‘They seem almost supernaturally attuned to each other on this piece, contrasting hollow-sounding beats with sandpapery scrapes.’
  • ‘One week was spent trudging through snow and ice, the other trying to cope with supernaturally oppressive heat and humidity.’