Definition of superphosphate in English:



  • A fertilizer made by treating phosphate rock with sulfuric or phosphoric acid.

    ‘Now is the time to add any of the soil amendments, such as bone meal, blood meal, or superphosphate, that provide a slow, continuous supply of phosphorus.’
    • ‘Add a tablespoon of equal parts bone meal and superphosphate to each hole, then cover the fertilizer with a little sand.’
    • ‘Plant from mid-October through November in a loose, fertile soil enriched with bone meal or superphosphate.’
    • ‘Mix a little bone meal or superphosphate in the soil around each tuber.’
    • ‘The use of superphosphate in manure to prevent nitrogen losses by reducing pH is not usually recommended because the added phosphorus is not necessary or desirable when poultry manure is used as a fertilizer.’
    • ‘Both plants love rich, moist, well-drained soil, so amend the soil before planting with compost or well-rotted manure and a handful of superphosphate.’
    • ‘If squirrels dig in your beds, add a little superphosphate instead of bone meal.’
    • ‘I use the same soil for all stages of poinsettia growth, made up of equal parts of compost and sandy topsoil sifted together with several handfuls of superphosphate added to each bushel of mixture.’
    • ‘Add about one-half pound of superphosphate to each bushel of organic material applied to the soil.’
    • ‘Work some superphosphate into the soil about a foot from the base of the plant.’
    • ‘Mined rock phosphate may be used but its manufactured derivative superphosphate may not.’
    • ‘It's because of the use of superphosphate that improves the pasture but discourages mushrooms.’
    • ‘Though founded in 1893 as a port for the Kalgoorlie goldfields, growth was slow until the 1960s, when a farming boom followed the discovery that the poor soils could be greatly improved by adding superphosphate and trace elements.’
    • ‘Gradually the situation of the farmers improved through better farming techniques, especially the growing of clover and the use of superphosphate brought in from the island of Nauru.’
    • ‘To give your Agapanthus a boost, sprinkle a handful of superphosphate around each clump in early spring.’
    • ‘The plane, which was carrying superphosphate, was extensively damaged.’
    • ‘Overuse of superphosphate chemicals in the farming industry have given this element a bad name, but used sparingly in the home garden is it a vital plant growth stimulant.’
    • ‘These pastures had been sown on sandy loam soils, which were low in nitrogen, slightly acidic, rich in iron oxides and had received significant superphosphate treatments in previous years.’
    • ‘In fact it concerns Nauru, the tiny Pacific island nation once wealthy because of its superphosphate reserves, which now finds all the proceeds squandered.’
    • ‘As your sweet peas begin to grow, sprinkle a little superphosphate over the bed and water well in.’



/ˌso͞opərˈfäsfāt/ /ˌsupərˈfɑsfeɪt/