Definition of superscalar in English:



  • Denoting a microprocessor architecture where several instructions are loaded at once and, as far as possible, are executed simultaneously, shortening the time taken to run the whole program.

    • ‘The result: processors could all be rated using a measure as standard as clock frequency but more relevant to today's superscalar, multi-threading CPUs. Finally, the ‘megahertz myth’ could be laid to rest.’
    • ‘The company is looking at superscalar and very long instruction word implementations, as well as ways to do multiprocessing and confirming an expansion into some form of 64 bit processing.’
    • ‘In fact, the ability to perform more than one operation per clock cycle is the essence of the superscalar architecture.’
    • ‘Besides higher heat dissipation and power consumption, a longer pipeline in a modern superscalar processor capable of out-of-order execution leads to other negative effects.’
    • ‘The new chip designed for ‘desktops and entry level servers’, and will be an 8-way superscalar, SMP-ready design capable of 6.4GB / s throughput.’