Definition of superspecies in English:



  • A group of largely allopatric species which are descended from a common evolutionary ancestor and are closely related but too distinct to be regarded as subspecies of one species.

    • ‘By contrast, the common association of the taxa pachyrrhynchus, robustus, and sclateri, which have been considered either three subspecies of E. pachyrrhynchus or three species of a superspecies, was rejected by our topologies.’
    • ‘Single-locus genomic sequences can help determine if the organism is a subspecies or part of a superspecies.’
    • ‘In the literature, some forms of penguins have been alternatively treated as superspecies, species, or subspecies.’
    • ‘One species, D. serido, is considered a superspecies consisting of many semi-isolated populations in the process of split.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, no study so far has compared the variation in phenotypic characters among all taxa of the X. guttatus superspecies.’