Definition of superstore in English:



  • A very large out-of-town supermarket.

    • ‘But claiming that large, out-of-town superstores are good for local businesses flies in the face of the evidence.’
    • ‘While you can't change the time constraints on your customers' modern lifestyles, you can make sure the attitude in your gallery provides a refreshing change from the low service levels and bad attitudes of superstores and mall shops.’
    • ‘The full effects of the guidelines will be seen in the next few years as retailers are curtailed from big out-of-town superstores.’
    • ‘Nearly half of shoppers favour their local shops over superstores, but research shows only 31 per cent of local shops are trading online.’
    • ‘The government recognises that all of us are paying for the superstores ' free parking, and in 1997 the Department of Environment, Transport and the Regions quietly resolved to do something about this.’
    • ‘‘In other words,’ the report continued, ‘if the superstores had not opened, employment would have risen.’
    • ‘It launched an eight-month inquiry into competition in the sector, and, in April 1999, concluded that the superstores had a substantial case to answer.’
    • ‘The money the superstores make is immediately removed.’
    • ‘There's a driver making a delivery around the back of one of the superstores.’
    • ‘These businesses will have more than a slowing economy to contend with when the superstore giants start to fight over not only the food market but also other areas of the consumer market.’
    • ‘They always said, ‘These are the people who pack groceries in the superstores in the States.’’
    • ‘Supermarkets and superstores are selling the stuff cheaper and dangling such incentives as dollars-off fuel with store purchases.’
    • ‘At the same time, the proliferation of the quasi-public ‘town squares’ of malls and superstores has created more and more spaces where commercial messages are the only ones permitted.’
    • ‘These superstores are huge concrete masses that destroy the character of an area.’
    • ‘Clearly, the bulk of the company's sales will still come from the traditional high street stores and the new superstores.’
    • ‘Early indications are good: sales were up 5 per cent in the last half-year at its smaller convenience stores, but trading was down at the superstores.’
    • ‘He has built his career on the imaginative reinvention of quintessentially industrial structures: railways, factories, exhibition spaces and superstores.’
    • ‘Within the Dublin City Council area, the report suggests new shopping development in the docklands, district shopping and two superstores in the suburbs and one or two retail parks.’
    • ‘Its computer superstores dot the sides of highways throughout the country.’
    • ‘The superstores present a difficult target for community activists because residents enjoy shopping there.’
    store, retail store, outlet, retail outlet, reseller, cash and carry