Definition of superstructural in English:



See superstructure

  • ‘In one of his many well-observed insights Marx pointed out that superstructural ideas often have a tendency to lag behind developments in the economic base of any society under examination.’
  • ‘This shows an apparently round open-air structure with a superstructural hut like that at the Swan, but artistic distortion of proportion (especially height) limits this picture's usefulness concerning the Theatre's size.’
  • ‘Globalisation is thus often defined as a relationship between material capability and the superstructural institutionalisation that has been constructed to realise this capability.’
  • ‘Thus labour remains very much in the domain of the base, and as such it does not have much in common with superstructural phenomena like culture, language and communication.’
  • ‘In other words, in classical Marxist terms, the focus of critical theory is almost entirely superstructural.’