Definition of supertaster in English:



  • A person who has more taste buds than normal and is very sensitive to particular tastes.

    • ‘There is a wide variation in flavour awareness in the population, from those with a constitution of iron to normal people, to gourmets and supertasters, and food sensitive people who are also supersmellers.’
    • ‘In comparisons to nontasters, supertasters tasted more sweetness in table sugar, more bitterness in foods and beverages such as black coffee, and more sourness in fruits.’
    • ‘She and her students discovered that some individuals, known as supertasters, are born with an unusually large number of taste buds.’
    • ‘However, supertasters may also snub vegetables, such as broccoli and cauliflower, because they can detect a slight bitterness in their flavor as well.’
    • ‘She has found that among men with a history of ear infections, supertasters are especially likely to be very overweight.’
    • ‘He isn't convinced that supertasters exist, but he plans to investigate whether the gene variants his group identified can help resolve that issue.’
    • ‘But more than 35 papillae indicates that you are a supertaster - as are many professional tasters and chefs.’