Definition of supertonic in English:



  • The second note of the diatonic scale of any key; the note above the tonic.

    • ‘A real answer would modulate to the supertonic key, far from the tonic in which the subject is about to return; an adjustment is made so that the answer ends in the tonic key.’
    • ‘For example, the supertonic chord in a major key would normally be indicated as ‘ii’.’
    • ‘Leaps from this degree are allowed to the supertonic of the quinte and to the tonic quinte.’
    • ‘In major keys, the supertonic triad is a minor triad, because the interval between the supertonic and the subdominant is a minor 3rd.’
    • ‘So, my question is, along with the supertonic and the original 3 already mentioned, are there any more chords that could precede the dominant in an imperfect cadence?’