Definition of supervision order in English:

supervision order


English Law
  • A court order placing a child or young person under the supervision of a local authority or a probation officer in a case of delinquency or where care proceedings are appropriate.

    • ‘The competing plans before me are: a return of the children to the care of their mother or her aunt under a supervision order or, an order of Crown wardship, with or without access.’
    • ‘Where the court is concerned about the quality of the home being offered by the commissioning parents, it can ensure that the local authority investigates to see whether a care or supervision order is needed.’
    • ‘He was sentenced to a supervision order for 12 months with conditions.’
    • ‘In the circumstances, my choice is really between Crown wardship and a return home to either parent under a supervision order.’
    • ‘In August 1998, when he was 13, he received a 3-year supervision order for 25 criminal offences.’


supervision order