Definition of supper club in English:

supper club


  • A restaurant or nightclub serving suppers and usually providing entertainment.

    ‘A few hours of wandering up and down the aisles brought us closer, and as we all sat down, exhausted but exhilarated, the idea of creating a little supper club was brought up.’
    • ‘The Minneapolis-based chain replicates the Italian supper club of the 1950s.’
    • ‘The supper club's decor is blue and gold with splashes of green.’
    • ‘Most of these songs are better suited for a supper club than for a juke joint.’
    • ‘So I now have enough to eat for at least two weeks, and five new friends with which we are starting a little supper club.’
    • ‘It would be similar to a supper club, but he is loath to hang any kind of a name on it.’
    • ‘Originally, we had intended to open an upmarket late-night supper club, but as we developed the business plan we decided to incorporate a tasteful ‘gentleman's club’ element into the venue.’
    • ‘Trendy supper clubs in New York and the more arty nightclubs in Los Angeles rediscovered an appreciation for a well executed fan dance about five years ago.’
    • ‘Forget gourmet restaurants, the latest foodie trend is secret supper clubs - just don't ask me to get you in’
    • ‘It's at a very early stage of development, but it came out of my fascination with these Asian-run supper clubs that were along the west coast of the States and Canada in the '30s and '40s and a little bit after the war.’
    • ‘An attractive woman in dazzling gowns, she thrived on three continents in small supper clubs, in cocktail and hotel lounges, and at parties, performing to her own piano accompaniment.’
    • ‘He decided to announce his resignation at one of his famous supper clubs, taking everyone by surprise and making it clear… he had issues with the way that the club has been run.’
    • ‘The chain features Southern Italian cooking in what the chain has called a ‘boisterous’ atmosphere reminiscent of Italian-American supper clubs of the 1940s and '50s.’
    • ‘Like the popular Russian supper clubs of NYC, these places are about a complete night out: food, drink and entertainment.’
    • ‘The other play is set in the milieu of Asian supper clubs that existed in the 1920s through 1940s along the U.S. West Coast.’
    • ‘Instead of gratefully and quietly retreating behind his mansion gates, he was seen living it up in some Santiago supper clubs.’
    nightclub, club, boîte, supper club


supper club

/ˈsəpər ˌkləb/