Definition of suppressor cell in English:

suppressor cell

(also suppressor T cell)


  • A lymphocyte which can suppress antibody production by other lymphoid cells.

    • ‘Despite all of the uncertainties, the concept of the suppressor cell has been supported by various data as a mechanism of tolerance induction.’
    • ‘Instead of silencing the attackers directly, we learned how to generate another type of cell, called a regulatory or suppressor cell, which essentially turns off the attackers.’
    • ‘After the invader has been destroyed, suppressor T cells chemically notify B cells and helper T cells to return to a dormant state.’
    • ‘Immune suppression has been associated with the release of cytokines, a defect in antigen presentation, induction of suppressor T cells and suppression of contact hypersensitivity.’
    • ‘The immunosuppressive effect noted by Elmets and Bowen was adoptively transferable suggesting the generation of suppressor cells.’