Definition of supranuclear in English:



  • Situated, occurring, or originating above a nucleus of the central nervous system.

    ‘progressive supranuclear palsy’
    • ‘More specific details about cases of multiple system atrophy and progressive supranuclear palsy and about atypical cases are reported elsewhere.’
    • ‘The remaining 19 patients showed miscellaneous neuropathologic diagnoses, including normal pressure hydrocephalus and progressive supranuclear palsy.’
    • ‘The cytoplasmic staining in both the hyperplasias and proliferative endometria was characterized by a paranuclear reaction, predominantly in the subnuclear/basal compartment, but also in the supranuclear region.’
    • ‘Of these 18 patients, autopsy results confirmed AD in 17 and progressive supranuclear palsy in one.’
    • ‘Aggregation of smooth endoplasmic reticulum in the supranuclear region has also been described in the brush cells of the striped snake.’



/ˌsuːprəˈnjʊːkliə/ /ˌsjuːprəˈnjʊːkliə/