Definition of supremo in English:



  • 1British informal A person in overall charge of an organization or activity.

    ‘the Channel Four supremo’
    • ‘The move was immediately backed by European Union foreign policy supremo Javier Solana and Russia.’
    • ‘Instead he will defer to a new supremo who will take charge in the spring.’
    • ‘The campaign has been praised by government supremos leading the fight against antisocial behaviour in Britain.’
    • ‘A major graffiti crackdown in York - backed by the Evening Press - was today hailed by a Government supremo leading the fight against community crime.’
    • ‘Although he had already secured employment, B & Q supremos insisted that Carl nevertheless undergo their telephonic grilling.’
    • ‘Amazon supremo Jeff Bezos has thrown down the gauntlet to Brit entrepreneur Richard Branson by declaring that he is also going into the space tourism business.’
    • ‘As the Chinese government's public relations supremo, Zhao Qizheng has an unusual background.’
    • ‘This portrait of Banks as a policy supremo is an important contribution to our understanding of Britain's later eighteenth century.’
    • ‘Rodney Bass, traffic supremo for the county council, says it will see borough councillors lose all highways powers.’
    • ‘The event is organised by Paul Allen, the PR supremo and occasional commentator.’
    • ‘Only recently the referees were complaining about the directives handed out by their supremo, Philip Don, saying they were too rigid.’
    • ‘The British Government has appointed a language supremo to encourage reluctant Brits to learn foreign languages from age seven.’
    • ‘What you must understand at this point is that we are talking to two marketing supremos.’
    • ‘Pupils were lauded for their hard work by Rochdale's education supremo, Councillor Colin Lambert, himself a former teacher.’
    • ‘Led by veteran events supremo Neil Butler, a celebration of the premier cultural hot spot that is Glasgow's Merchant City was bound to be a success.’
    • ‘Election rules do not require him to announce a new economic supremo ahead of the polls.’
    • ‘Europe's regions supremo yesterday admitted that South Yorkshire and other struggling UK areas could still need millions of pounds of aid for years to come.’
    magnate, mogul, big businessman, baron, merchant prince, captain of industry, industrialist, financier, top executive, chief, lord, magnifico, nabob, grandee
    1. 1.1A person with great authority or skill in a certain area.
      ‘an interior by design supremo Kelly’
      • ‘If you're concerned that the special effects supremos at Industrial Light + Magic are going to ruin a classic, then fear not.’
      • ‘Jazz giant Gerry Mulligan and vibraphone supremo Gary Burton have both recorded albums with the maestro.’
      • ‘He increased the pressure on Kenyon by claiming all eyes would be on the United supremo in his first full summer in charge to see how he performs in the transfer market.’
      • ‘‘I had a chat with Nobby the other day,’ said Moorby, who played against the Bradford supremo for both St Helens and Leeds.’
      • ‘What immediately marked Eisenhower out as a military supremo was his ability and determination to make the Alliance an everyday working reality.’
      • ‘I do believe the ex-England supremo has lost his marbles.’
      • ‘Is your child a little princess or a tantrum supremo?’
      • ‘Steve McCormack will stay on as coach and work with a football supremo who could be appointed within the next fortnight.’
      • ‘Sutton, a West Australian by birth and a scoring supremo in all corners of the nation, continued his football odyssey elsewhere.’
      celebrity, famous person, very important person, personality, name, big name, famous name, household name, star, superstar, celebutante, leading light, mogul, giant, great, master, king, guru


Spanish, literally ‘supreme’.