Definition of sure-footed in English:


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  • 1Unlikely to stumble or slip.

    ‘tough, sure-footed ponies’
    • ‘The famous hardy and sure-footed Basotho ponies can take visitors into areas not accessible by road.’
    • ‘Leaving their overnight camp by the riverbed, they turn their sure-footed local steeds toward the steep, rocky outline of the Spur.’
    • ‘Once sure-footed, their step is now a confused, uncertain stagger, like a drunk slaloming from house to house in searching for his own front door.’
    • ‘The unpaved roads into Avante are so rough, the local police use sure-footed horses on their patrols.’
    • ‘The footpath surface, rather the lack of it, can hamper even the most sure-footed of the city's pedestrians.’
    • ‘In one of the many smugly tended, overpriced noodle shops we met Bob, a guide as sure-footed as a mountain goat.’
    • ‘Like all our horses, my mount Brown is superbly fit and sure-footed.’
    • ‘The sure-footed animal was easily kept and many a child owed its life to the milk of the humble goat.’
    1. 1.1Confident and competent.
      ‘the challenges of the 1990s demand a responsible and sure-footed government’
      • ‘I will shine the lantern along your path so you feel confident and sure-footed with each step you take.’
      • ‘These are sure-footed lyrics, confidently placed in their musical context, and telling their stories by phrasing just as much as the words.’
      • ‘On average, the Bush campaign has been more sure-footed, but both sides have had stumbles.’
      • ‘Let your character be more self-reliant, sure-footed, sharper.’



/ˌSHo͝orˈfo͝odəd/ /ˌʃʊrˈfʊdəd/