Definition of sure-footedness in English:


Pronunciation /ˌʃɔːˈfʊtɪdnəs/ /ˌʃʊəˈfʊtɪdnəs/


See sure-footed

  • ‘In performance, the Touareg can tackle gradients up to 100 percent - and it has the sure-footedness to navigate lateral slope angles as high as 45 degrees.’
  • ‘It is just the opposite - a sense of sure-footedness and balance that is often the defining trait of people of great character and impeccable integrity.’
  • ‘It's not too difficult to guess that the heron's lack of sure-footedness reflects Denerley's current state of mind.’
  • ‘There are handrails on each side of the radar arch and on the side of the windshield but moving from the cockpit to the foredeck requires sure-footedness and shouldn't be attempted while under way.’
  • ‘Even following this approach there are plenty of wrong turns one could take - wrong turns that, with a remarkable sure-footedness, Zanker deftly avoids.’



/ˌʃɔːˈfʊtɪdnəs/ /ˌʃʊəˈfʊtɪdnəs/