Definition of sure thing in English:

sure thing

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  • 1 informal A certainty.

    • ‘We're going to go over the sure things and long shots this hour.’
    • ‘There are no sure things in any sport, least of all in the fickle game of golf, but it will be a major upset if he does not win the $3m Bay Hill Invitational today.’
    • ‘We're told the two sure things in life are death and taxes.’
    • ‘Right now, we're going to talk about the surprises, both positive and negative, and the sure things.’
    • ‘Singapore invests in sure things in Australia because it plans its future as a creditor nation - not like Australia.’
    • ‘The only two sure things in life are death and taxes, the old saying goes.’
    • ‘One of life's sure things is that year on year, the Madden series of American Football games will get better.’
    • ‘They are now favourites to win but as we all know favourites are not sure things at any time.’
    • ‘One of the priorities with first-, second- and third-round picks should be to acquire players who are as close to sure things as possible.’
    • ‘The other two events were by no means sure things.’
    inevitability, necessity, foregone conclusion, predictable result, matter of course, racing certainty
    1. 1.1mainly North American as exclamation Certainly; of course.
      • ‘“Can I watch?” “Sure thing.”’
      yes, all right, of course, indeed, certainly, absolutely, agreed