Definition of surf music in English:

surf music


  • A style of popular music originating in the US in the early 1960s, characterized by high harmony vocals and typically having lyrics relating to surfing.

    ‘The story of his career, accident, and recovery, retold in many obituaries, is fairly well known: Berry was one of the founders of the vocal version of surf music.’
    • ‘Allan, it's been said, was the missing link between heavy-reverb surf music, early garage punk and psychedelic acid rock.’
    • ‘Somewhere along the line, surf music ceased to have anything to do with actual surfing and migrated to kitsch.’
    • ‘I always thought that Jonny's guitar sounded like old surf music - twangy guitar.’
    • ‘We spoke of surf music and all that was good about the lifestyle we both so passionately loved and lived.’
    • ‘The band perform and write all their own material, drawing from musical influences which range from blues rock to psychedelic surf music and jazz to gel into a unique sound that captures the musical environment of today.’
    • ‘Some of my east coast friends have this half-joking perception that everywhere you go in California, people are in flip-flops and swimwear, and twangy surf music is piped in on loudspeakers.’
    • ‘I'm no expert in surf music, but I loved those twangy, verbed-up guitars and the cheesy organ sounds.’
    • ‘On top of that, he also tries to be like Quentin and scores the entire film with surf music.’


surf music

/sərf ˈmyo͞ozik/ /sərf ˈmjuzɪk/