Definition of surface water in English:

surface water


  • 1Water that collects on the surface of the ground.

    ‘Seoul Rules also dealt with the protection of ground water and urged the riparian states to consider integrated management by a conjunctive use of surface water and ground water.’
    • ‘Energy advected to and from the lake by precipitation, surface water, and ground water had little effect on evaporation rates.’
    • ‘It enters the soil, surface water and eventually the ground water.’
    • ‘The reservoirs store rainwater, groundwater, and surface water until water is needed on the field.’
    • ‘In Australia, state and territory Governments historically owned the rights to all ground and surface water.’
    • ‘These storm water pipes take the surface water collected in the catch basins on the north and south sides of the school to one storm manhole located east of the front of the school at the street called Northgate Drive.’
    • ‘All products have the potential to contaminate ground and surface water if used improperly through leaching, runoff and off-target application.’
    • ‘Ideally geochemical data on soil and dust, stream sediment and ground and surface water should be available to identify, assess and model potential toxicity or deficiency situations.’
    • ‘The structure, chemistry, and the biological activity in some soils make them ideal to treat wastewater to protect ground and surface water.’
    • ‘Nitrates are often present in ground and surface water.’
    • ‘Maintaining setback distances will reduce the possibility of contaminating ground and surface water.’
    • ‘It was made by private persons for private purposes, to prevent surface water collecting on the highway from running thence onto their premises.’
    • ‘In most cases, simple adjustments can be made to the operation to avoid polluting ground or surface water.’
    • ‘Striving for rarely achieved yields wastes money and may contaminate the ground and surface water.’
    • ‘Collect manure in water-tight areas that cannot be infiltrated by ground or surface water.’
    • ‘There are a number of areas where the surface water flows to ground water, and vice versa.’
    • ‘Although water supplies are obtained from different places, surface water or groundwater, the connection between the two can be seen in a variety of ways.’
    • ‘Infiltration of surface water and groundwater into a landfill results in water passing through waste in the landfill, which frequently picks up contaminants from the waste.’
    • ‘The source of water for a public water supply can be groundwater, surface water, or a combination.’
    • ‘This crisis well drilling has sprung up over night with little thought given to the relationships and potential conflicts between groundwater and surface water.’
  • 2

    (also surface waters)
    The top layer of a body of water.

    ‘the surface water of a pond or lake’
    • ‘Ocean acidification starts at the surface and spreads to the deep sea as surface waters mix with deeper layers.’
    • ‘These tides slowly replenish the deep fully marine waters with oxygen and nutrients while the surface waters, containing as they do a component from rainfall, remain brackish.’
    • ‘Oxygenation of the sea floor is largely regulated by the renewal rate of the bottom water and the concentration of dissolved oxygen in that water, while organic production in surface waters is largely nutrient dependent.’
    • ‘Much like a conveyor belt, the climate-regulating ocean pattern transports warm surface waters toward the north and cool, deep waters toward the south.’
    • ‘For a start, it bears genetic instructions for making enzymes capable of utilizing the nitrite that is present in deeper waters but absent from the surface waters of the open ocean.’
    • ‘This water movement is often driven by winds that sweep surface waters away from shore, allowing underlying water to rise.’
    • ‘These winds churn up deep waters and transport minerals to the otherwise nutrient-poor surface waters.’
    • ‘Cold waters that rise from ocean depths carry nutrients to depleted surface waters in a process called upwelling.’
    • ‘The currents start in the North Atlantic when the dense, salty surface waters sink to the ocean floor and begin to roll southward.’
    • ‘Iron added to the ocean surface increases the plankton production, so in theory fertilizing the ocean with iron would mean more carbon would be removed from surface waters to the deep ocean.’
    • ‘The wheel rotated the experimental dishes horizontally at 2 rpm to provide uniform exposure among dishes and to simulate the mixing in the surface waters of a lake.’
    • ‘Mass movements of marine crustaceans called krill generate turbulent currents that may help pump nutrients from the ocean depths to surface waters, researchers say.’
    • ‘Methyl nitrate concentrations are highest in surface waters, where sunlight-absorbing phytoplankton form the base of the ocean's food chain.’
    • ‘Since 1917, 80 million tons of waste have been dumped in the Adriatic Sea; liquid discharges in the surface waters at present amount to 20000 tons per year.’
    • ‘The mechanism of forming two halocline layers in the Bering Sea could be attributed to the seasonal variations of temperature and mixing intensity in surface waters.’
    • ‘The increased upwelling initially brings more phosphate to the surface waters, thereby increasing productivity.’
    • ‘It has been argued at some length that equatorial surface waters during the Aptian heat wave approached 30° C. and were lethal to corals.’


surface water

/ˈsərfəs ˈwôdər/ /ˈsərfəs ˈwɔdər/ /ˈwädər/ /ˈwɑdər/