Definition of surfaced in English:



  • 1Having an outside part or upper layer, especially of a specified kind.

    ‘the upgrading of gravel roads to surfaced roads’
    in combination ‘cheap, rough-surfaced paper’
    • ‘The soil was less than 0.5 degrees C warmer under the black plastic than under the red surfaced plastic mulch.’
    • ‘Due to public liability and insurance problems, it is not reasonable to require the developer to provide a basketball/football hard surfaced area.’
    • ‘The cups were placed on a large, smooth surfaced, low sided tray.’
    • ‘Limited edition, hand-embellished, signed and numbered prints are available on white surfaced, medium-textured canvas.’
    • ‘Tweed is rough surfaced woollen cloth.’
  • 2Having risen or come up to the surface of the water or the ground.

    ‘radar was significant in spotting surfaced submarines’
    ‘lookouts have been posted for a surfaced diver’
    • ‘Airborne and shipborne radar was significant in spotting surfaced submarines.’
    • ‘As she was running in the woods, she tripped over a surfaced tree root and fell.’
    • ‘Recently surfaced divers should never get involved in hauling up the weight, as this activity could precipitate a bend.’
    • ‘The newly surfaced weed seeds that had been laying dormant deep in the soil will often not begin to grow until after the crop gets started.’
    • ‘A gull will land on the back of a surfaced whale and rip at its flesh and blubber.’