Definition of surge chamber in English:

surge chamber


another term for surge tank
‘The new surge chamber required much fill dirt, and this was bulldozed from the top of a nearby hill.’
  • ‘When the gates close, the water backs up into the surge chamber until the to-and-fro motion subsides.’
  • ‘The only disadvantage to surge chambers is that they add to the bulk of gear that needs to be carried with you.’
  • ‘The surge chamber will be constructed during early stages of access shaft construction by drill and blast.’
  • ‘The surge chamber is initially run empty and then opened to the formation by the lower tubing isolation valve.’
  • ‘The reinforced concrete substructure forming the equipment foundations supports the reinforced concrete surge chamber and power house.’
  • ‘The first surge chamber is connected to receive stormwater from the inlet prior to the second surge chamber or the storage chamber.’
  • ‘A duplex set of pumps will be provided in the surge chamber for returning the backwash liquid to the secondary sewage treatment system.’
  • ‘If the valve is accelerated at the turbine then the surge chamber provides a temporary reservoir of water to meet that demand.’
  • ‘This modulating valve is designed for applications where a tight shut-off is required due to filter tanks or surge chambers located below grade.’
  • ‘Surge reduction measures should not be limited to a change of the operating mode, but also include structural measures such as surge chambers, discharge stretches connecting to larger watercourses, or structural adjustments in the receiving waters.’


surge chamber

/sərj ˈCHāmbər/ /sərdʒ ˈtʃeɪmbər/