Definition of surgeon's knot in English:

surgeon's knot


  • A reef knot with one or more extra turns in the first half knot.

    • ‘The triple surgeon's knot is basically an overhand knot but you pass the line through the knot 3 times.’
    • ‘Use blood knots for the thickest sections of the leader and the surgeon's knot for the thinnest or last section.’
    • ‘The surgeon's loop is tied like the surgeon's knot except only a single line is used.’
    • ‘I have used both blood and surgeon's knots with equal success to attach leader to tippet.’
    • ‘I also use the surgeon's knot to connect the leader point to a much heavier shock tippet.’
    • ‘The simplest, most efficient knot to tie monofilament to monofilament is the double surgeon's knot.’
    • ‘First, he had me put two surgeon's knots in my laces.’
    • ‘The surgeon's knot is not a preferred line joining knot, although fly fisherman and some anglers use it from time to time.’
    • ‘If you persist in attaching tippets with blood knots, surgeon's knots, or even the Orvis tippet knot, then attach your flies with clinch knots.’
    • ‘The surgeon's knot is a square knot with an extra twist.’
    • ‘What do you do to get your surgeon's knots to lie straight?’
    • ‘Teresa, since my project is full of square knots, and I want to make sure they don't slip, can I go back and convert them to surgeon's knots?’


From the use of such a knot to tie a ligature in surgery.