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surgeon general

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nounplural noun surgeons general

  • The head of a public health service or of an armed forces medical service.

    ‘Approval was practically guaranteed as agencies from the DoD, Army, Air Force and the consultant to the Army surgeon general for Veterinary Clinical Medicine scurried to expedite Fluffy's retirement.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the Air Force surgeon general has developed expeditionary medical teams with the capabilities to support war fighting that can be readily tailored and deployed to domestic disaster scenes.’
    • ‘‘Your commander has to approve, the medical group commander has to approve, and then the surgeon general of the Air Force has to approve,’ Kirk said.’
    • ‘According to the office's own website, the surgeon general has been demoted from being in charge of public health affairs to being a spokesperson for public health policies.’
    • ‘Television shows prey on them and according to the surgeon general, 16 million Americans suffer from some kind of phobias.’
    • ‘A US surgeon general claimed that infection was yesterday's problem.’
    • ‘The conference was convened to focus the attention of the public and policy makers on children's oral health challenges highlighted in the surgeon general's report on oral health that was released in May 2000.’
    • ‘Just before the surgeon general's 1964 report on smoking and health, the National Automatic Merchandising Association Special Committee on Cigarette Vending wrote to tobacco manufacturers.’
    • ‘All levels of power, from the surgeon general of the Navy to the skipper and air wing commander, carefully weighed and endorsed these risks.’
    • ‘With persistence, Bellows and his supporters finally won favor with the surgeon general, and the commission was appointed.’
    • ‘The current recommendation from the surgeon general is that to be physically active one must utilize 1050 kcals/week in physical activity.’
    • ‘Just when she thought she had the support and endorsement of the governor and many other friends in her quest, however, she was turned down by Finley, the surgeon general.’
    • ‘‘Most years at this time, we're begging people to come in,’ said the US surgeon general Richard Carmona.’
    • ‘Goldberger's great opportunity arose when the surgeon general assigned him to investigate pellagra.’
    • ‘Several articles show that control requires wider social involvement, not just medical efforts, and mention that the president and surgeon general in the United States are assisting in these measures.’
    • ‘Given that he was hired for his supposed business skills, this means that he is like a surgeon general who turns out never to have finished medical school.’
    • ‘The Army's surgeon general is being terribly sensitive about this.’
    • ‘Some 6,000 were treated in our medical evacuation facility, which the surgeon general called the largest acute care facility set up in a contingency in the history of our nation.’
    • ‘The surgeon general recently declared mental health a national priority, critical not only for productivity and well-being but for physical health, as well.’


surgeon general

/ˌsərjən ˈjen(ə)rəl/ /ˌsərdʒən ˈdʒɛn(ə)rəl/