Definition of surgeonfish in English:


nounplural noun surgeonfish, plural noun surgeonfishes

  • A deep-bodied and typically brightly colored tropical marine fish with a scalpel-like spine on each side of the tail.

    Family Acanthuridae: several genera and many species. See also

    ‘Damselfish make up almost half, with angelfish, surgeonfish, wrasses, gobies, and butterfly fish accounting for another 25 to 30 percent.’
    • ‘Acanthurids, commonly known as surgeonfishes, are characterized by the existence of the ‘scalpel,’ a distinctive spine or group of spines on either side of the tail base, hence the common name surgeonfish.’
    • ‘Most of what you see here are coral fish like various wrasses, squirrelfish, Moorish Idols, parrotfish, angelfish, surgeonfish and butterflyfish.’
    • ‘This morphological signal also appears to persist, with the rabbitfishes, surgeonfishes (Acan - thuridae), damselfishes, and scats already occupying this space in the Eocene.’
    • ‘Adult emperor angels, coral groupers and shoals of sweepers mingle in the little overhangs, while overhead swim great shoals of pencilled surgeonfish, yellow butterfly fish and brilliantly coloured Moorish idols.’
    • ‘Blue tang surgeonfish and striped parrotfish forage in large ‘roving’ groups, feeding from the algal turf defended by damselfish (Pomacentridae).’
    • ‘Emperor angelfish, moorish idols, surgeonfish and sergeant-majors greeted us in the 20-25m visibility at almost every corner.’
    • ‘On the morning dives we drifted in crystal currents, passing over orange gorgonians and red soft corals, and among schools of goatfish, snappers and surgeonfish.’
    • ‘Schools of fusiliers and surgeonfish and over 400 other species of tropical fish have made it their home.’
    • ‘I could identify lion fish, clown fish and orangestripe surgeonfish.’
    • ‘In the shallower water gather surgeonfish, triggerfish, scorpionfish, goatfish and giant clams.’
    • ‘The upper part is the territory of the surgeonfish which savagely protects it by attacking divers when they approach.’
    • ‘Yellow Tang and surgeonfish sometimes employ scalpel-like fins against those who grab them.’
    • ‘There are busy cleaning stations along each metre of reef, some for surgeonfish, others for batfish, each seductively changing colour to attract the attention of the cleaning wrasses.’
    • ‘Fish are fed in this area, so shoals of angelfish, surgeonfish, damsels and sergeant majors approach divers without fear.’
    • ‘Many species, such as parrotfish and surgeonfish, prospered on the algae covering that invades stricken coral reefs.’
    • ‘At the same site we saw a pair of purple flame gobies, a fantastic blue-ribbon eel, clown triggerfish and a beautifully striped surgeonfish.’
    • ‘A shoal of surgeonfish sensibly moves out of harm's way.’
    • ‘The powder blue surgeonfish from the Indo-Pacific Ocean is an uncommon variety.’
    • ‘I am lifted from my rhythmic reverie when I am ambushed by a school of surgeonfish.’



/ˈsərjənˌfiSH/ /ˈsərdʒənˌfɪʃ/