Definition of surgery in English:



  • 1mass noun The treatment of injuries or disorders of the body by incision or manipulation, especially with instruments.

    ‘cardiac surgery’
    ‘he had surgery on his ankle’
    • ‘Mngani said the current internship covers three or four domains such as internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology.’
    • ‘Possible adverse events were detected by two nurses in medicine and surgery and two midwives in obstetrics.’
    • ‘Lasers are used in a variety of situations in medicine and surgery.’
    • ‘As expected, surgery, emergency medicine, and obstetrics were the medical specialties of the physicians named in these suits.’
    • ‘He became involved in all branches of surgery in South Manchester and Christie Hospitals.’
    therapy, surgery, medical attention, medical care, care, ministrations, nursing
  • 2British A place where a doctor, dentist, or other medical practitioner treats or advises patients.

    • ‘Literature will be available from libraries, GP surgeries, hospitals and dentists.’
    • ‘I believe that is an underestimate judging how filthy some hospitals and doctor's surgeries are.’
    • ‘Medical wastes result from treatment of patients in hospitals, clinics, and surgeries.’
    • ‘I rang up five local medical surgeries and they were all booked out for the day.’
    • ‘More than a third of doctors' surgeries in Swindon are not taking on new patients.’
    • ‘Plans for new health centres to replace outdated doctors' surgeries have been unveiled.’
    • ‘It will officially close on Saturday and its services are expected to be taken on by local doctors' surgeries.’
    • ‘Patients were last night due to discuss plans to set up three separate doctors' surgeries in Westbury.’
    • ‘It will raise money to help pay for hospital costs and put leaflets about the disease in doctor's surgeries.’
    • ‘By the end of the year two doctors' surgeries in the borough will be set aside to deal with aggressive patients.’
    • ‘Now it seems people coming to town can't sign up with a doctor because all the surgeries are full to bursting.’
    • ‘The team also regularly visit GP surgeries and hospitals to promote their services.’
    • ‘Portable scanners are available in some GP surgeries and can be used to check the bone mass density of the heel bone.’
    • ‘How could two surgeries in the same town offer such a different service?’
    • ‘Boxes full of flu jabs were stockpiled for the event and all of the doctors and nurses at the two surgeries were taking part.’
    • ‘Currently there are only three surgeries left in the city taking on NHS patients.’
    • ‘As a sufferer of bronchitis I had occasion to visit a doctor's surgery.’
    • ‘After her first miscarriage Sue had to quit her job in a dentists' surgery.’
    • ‘The men had taken shelter in the foyer area on the third floor next to a dentist's surgery.’
    • ‘However, at the actual vet's surgery he was very quiet and settled down nicely.’
    medical centre, health centre, outpatients' department, surgery, doctor's, polyclinic
    1. 2.1in singular A period of time during which patients may visit a doctor, dentist, or other medical practitioner for treatment or advice.
      ‘Doctor Bailey had finished his evening surgery’
      • ‘It is hoping to open on Saturday mornings as well as holding a late surgery one weekday evening.’
      • ‘Three Salford GPs will carry out the surgery in sessions held two or three times a week.’
    2. 2.2An occasion on which an MP, lawyer, or other professional person gives advice.
      • ‘Woodhatch residents no longer need to travel to Redhill for advice as an outreach surgery will be operating soon on their doorstep.’
      • ‘The first was held at the weekly coffee morning in the Methodist Church and he followed that with an evening surgery on Monday night.’
      • ‘It houses a resource library where residents can access computers and welfare information and hosts a weekly surgery where the public can meet street wardens and local councillors.’
      • ‘Now the Environment Agency is to stage a flood surgery in Northallerton as part of its national Flood Awareness Campaign.’


Middle English from Old French surgerie, contraction of serurgerie, from serurgien (see surgeon).