Definition of surgically in English:



  • 1By means of a medical operation involving incision or manipulation.

    ‘a lump in the breast was surgically removed’
    ‘thyroid cancer is usually treated surgically’
    • ‘The precancerous cells - or a very small tumor - could then be surgically removed, bringing a complete cure.’
    • ‘Their device beams microvolts of electricity through six surgically installed electrodes to the site of a spinal cord injury.’
    • ‘Bull calves were surgically castrated at birth.’
    • ‘The question of whether tendon injuries should be treated surgically or not has been under debate for a long time.’
    • ‘This was not the first time he'd mentioned kids, and I'd had to tell him that I'd precluded that possibility surgically some time ago.’
  • 2With great precision, especially with reference to a military attack from the air.

    ‘the Air Force lost patience trying to bomb surgically’
    • ‘The standard of their analysis has been so consistently high, so surgically precise, that you almost wonder why anyone else bothers.’
    • ‘This will mean moving swiftly and surgically to a more focused global customer-driven company.’
    • ‘He shows the hand of a skilled theatrical abridger at work, surgically excising flowery and purple "literary" material, and reworking the remainder for the benefit of players and playgoers.’
    • ‘Commonly called "smart" bombs, these weapons have the ability to strike surgically and thus reduce the risk of collateral damage.’