Definition of suricate in English:



  • A gregarious burrowing meerkat with dark bands on the back and a black-tipped tail, native to southern Africa.

    Suricata suricatta, family Herpestidae

    • ‘Meet Paris, the suricate, and Mofuli, the rabbit, the zoo's beloved furry friends.’
    • ‘They also make use of the ‘babysitting system’ like the suricates and show similar social behaviour.’
    • ‘In South Africa, the suricates breed only in the warmest and wettest months of the year when food is most abundant.’
    • ‘One is carried by suricates and the other by dogs and dog-type animals, like jackals.’
    • ‘When the jackal got up, the suricates continued their harassing.’


Late 18th century via French from a local African word.