Definition of Surinam toad in English:

Surinam toad

Pronunciation /ˈso͞orəˌnam ˌtōd/ /ˈsurəˌnæm ˌtoʊd/


  • An aquatic South American toad with a flat body and long webbed feet, the female of which carries the eggs and tadpoles in pockets on her back.

    Pipa pipa, family Pipidae

    ‘If you really want to breed Suriname toads, you need a three-foot deep garbage can plus a male and a female.’
    ‘The group captured and briefly restrained a Suriname toad for a quick photo.’


Surinam toad

/ˈso͞orəˌnam ˌtōd/ /ˈsurəˌnæm ˌtoʊd/