Definition of surpassing in English:



dated, literary
  • Incomparable or outstanding.

    ‘a picture of surpassing beauty’
    • ‘Frequently incorrect, occasionally even inaccurate, he nevertheless stirs orchestras into producing sounds of surpassing beauty, using wildly unconventional hand movements that even he cannot reproduce when not conducting.’
    • ‘Many people know the story of Padmini, the queen of Chittaur, whose surpassing beauty led Alauddin Khilji, the Sultan of Delhi, to wage a ruthless war.’
    • ‘They will enter a hall of surpassing beauty, with walls of Douglas fir that flow as elegantly as the lines of a fine instrument, a space as soulful in its way as the cathedral's nave.’
    • ‘Not only are they among the largest and most stately trees on earth, but they thrive in settings of surpassing scenic beauty.’
    • ‘This has led to some renditions of surpassing corniness, with this year no exception.’
    exceptional, extraordinary, remarkable, outstanding, striking, phenomenal, rare, great, supreme, sublime, pre-eminent, consummate, incomparable, inimitable, incredible, unrivalled, unparalleled, matchless, unmatched, unequalled, peerless, unsurpassed, superlative, beyond words, beyond description
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